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"Human laws, made to direct the will, ought to give precepts, and not counsels; religion, made to influcence the heart, should give many counsels and few precepts."
( Charles de Secondat Montesquieu )

Welcome to SoulFriends
Welcome to SoulFriends
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The richness of our community includes philosophers, educators and practitioners who help bring our awareness into greater alignment with our essential nature, encompassing the transcendent and imminent aspects of our beingness.



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Featured Article
What is Transformational Coaching and How Does it Differ from Psychotherapy
Dr. Rosie Kuhn
Coaching? Psychotherapy? How Does One Choose?
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Featured Book The Big Book of Christian Mysticism
Carl McColman

This book explores a rich history of Christian mysticism, examining its Biblical roots, its paradoxical nature, and how it has evolved over time. It also considers how mysticism can make a difference in the lives of ordinary Christians today.

The Essential Guide to Contemplative Spirituality.
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Good News for People with ADHD and ADHD Life Coaches!

IADHD Coach Training Center
As someone passionate about increasing awareness and decreasing the discrimination of ADHD globally, there is good news for persons with ADHD and ADHD Life Coaches who work with them. Zeal, a global market research and management consulting company, ...
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The Answer

Got a Question? We offer a synchronistic answer for whatever burning question is before you.
Featured Card SoulCards
(daily spiritual practice)

SoulCards insist that we listen to ourselves. Take an insightful, guided journey using images.

Gail Tucker Whipple MTP PCC

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