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"Use soft words and hard arguments."
( English Proverb )

Phineas Quimby
Phineas Quimby
Born: Feb 16th, 1802.
Philosopher, Clock-Maker.

Phineas discovered self-hypnosis as a means to alleviate great personal pain. He traveled early America giving demonstrations of his methods and devoted his life to healing the sick.



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Lauretta Zucchetti, MA
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David Whyte

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Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity.
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The Nativity & Our Inner Selves

Suzanna Yahya Nadler, MEd. LPC
During the Christmas season one powerful image we are presented with is the Nativity, a visual feast of various selves in our psyches. To explore this I encourage you to first draw the Nativity making sure to include angels, anima
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Got a Question? We offer a synchronistic answer for whatever burning question is before you.

Center for Hunger-Free Communities
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SoulCards insist that we listen to ourselves. Take an insightful, guided journey using images.

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