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Life Chaser vs. Life Avoider: Why Do We Do that?
Jessica Ruby, MA

Here’s the deal: Some people spend their time, money, and energy trying to feel more alive…others spend their time, money, and energy on trying to avoid feeling alive. Why do we do that?

How to be a rock star extreme Life-Avoider:

  • No feelings allowed! If you’re having feelings, then your living life – so stop it! Stuff it down!
  • Hmmm…on the other side…

     Life-Chase-ers- can be the adrenaline junkies you see on YouTube, free-basing a jagged cliff – they’ll do anything for a taste of danger and the zing of adrenaline coursing through their veins. They seize the day all right-every day in fact-to do what many would nary choose to do over the course of a month. But, is this really living life? OR is this really and truly an addiction to adrenaline, ie, life has no meaning for them unless they’re high off the brain’s natural response to imminent danger?

    Do everything to the extreme. Even your laundry. Ordinary is boring and you don’t dare be boring.

  • Right in the middle, of course!

    (You didn’t see this coming, did you?)

    The bottom line is that both extremes are attempts to avoid the same thingThe Short List: Why we avoid the present:

    • Anxiety about being/doing “good enough” keeps us from the present
    •  Sadly, both are also dealing with an addiction of sorts. As tongue-in-cheek as I describe them above, addiction is a very serious issue. Please seek professional help if you suffer from addiction.

      Where are you on the continuum?

      Copyrighted. Jessica Ruby.  All Rights Reserved.

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