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Stop and Smell the Roses: Seven Ways to Relax and Recharge
Lisa Michele Fonseca, MBA, MTP

That old saying sounds so cliché and yet, for an instant attitude shift, there’s nothing better to do than to take a pause in your busy workday to appreciate everything that’s around you. Here’s 7 ways – that take only 10 seconds each - that I’ve discovered:

1. On the walk to the train station every morning, I stop at 1 house to admire the care and love someone has put into their potted plants or garden. It’s a short stop, but it jogs me out of my morning rush and into an instant appreciation of beauty and nature.

2. Savor a sip of your favorite drink. Too often we gulp down our coffee or tea on the run. Many times my tea will be gone and I don’t even remember drinking it. Tomorrow morning, before drinking your coffee or tea, take a deep breath to inhale that heavenly smell, take a sip to involve your taste buds and then sit back and let a feeling of well being surround you.

3. Enjoy your co-workers. You don’t need to be involved in the conversation or work project to appreciate their contribution. Even if I’m not involved, sometimes I’ll listen just to appreciate the shared ideas and laughter, it gives me a nice sense of belonging.

4. Check out the produce section in your grocery store. Whenever I do my food shopping, even if I don’t need to, I check out the produce section. The beautiful colors, the fruits and vegetables of the season and in such great abundance! It makes me like Mother Nature and Lady Bountiful are sharing their blessings with me.

5. Use your sense of smell more! After washing your laundry or cleaning your home, stop and take a deep breath. Enjoy the clean, fresh smell that represents your hard work and pride in your home.

6. Enjoy the beauty of a flower shop. One of my favorite places is a flower shop near my apartment. I love to see the flower displays changing through the seasons. I appreciate not only the beauty of nature, but the artistry of the shop workers.

7. Touch more things. Everyone is so concerned about germs, we don’t like to touch things anymore. I love to touch clothing when I’m out shopping. To feel the difference between raw silk and cotton or between man-made and natural fibers; it adds another layer to my appreciation of both nature and man’s creativity.

These simple 10 second pauses in your day can shift you from feeling stressed to being grateful, instantly. They are not only free, they will probably add years to your life! Try them and better yet, add to this list. The happy person it creates will be YOU!

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