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it will remain unpredictable


Did you receive the answer you were seeking?

When you viewed the answer,
... what was your phenomenology?

Did it feel wrong in your gut?

Did it feel right in your gut?

The goal of this exercise is not so much to give you "THE ANSWER". The real intention was to trigger a feeling within you such that you would discover the true answer, the one from your heart and soul.

Another method for achieving a similar result is to flip a coin. Start by framing the answer as a YES / NO question. Assign YES to heads and NO to tails. Ask your question out loud and then flip the coin.

The instant you see the result, check in with your body. What was your very first reaction? Did the answer feel right? Did it feel wrong? If you felt nothing, then it is possible that there is no 'right' answer and both options are viable alternatives.

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