SoulFriends SoulFriends is a portal for information, services and products on
human potential, social fulfillment and spiritual actualization.
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Sages on SoulFriends are professionals that offer services in
human potential, social fulfillment and/or spiritual actualization.
Coaching is a creative conversation towards a client defined objective, which inspires or empowers in a significant way. The intent may be present moment (where am I challenged) or future oriented (what are my dreams). Professional Coaches are board and/or school certified.  
Counselors and Ministers
Counseling is a guided conversation towards a mutually defined goal in a multitude of areas, like addictions, careers, relationships, etc. Counselors are often skilled professionals within the context of a practice, method or tradition. Most Counselors are degreed, certified or licensed by a board or governing body, or educational institution. Some Counselors are ordained within a given faith tradition (clergy) .
Consultants and Mentors
Consulting is a guided program or project towards a predefine goal. Mentors and Consultants provide expert knowledge and services in a specialized area. They usually have degrees, or certifications, and may offer specialized programs of development.
Therapy is a healing process for exploring the past and understanding how it effects the present, in a safe and supportive environment. It is also a process for addressing trauma and becoming whole again. Professional therapists are usually degreed and licensed by a state or governing body.  
Educators and Trainers
Educators and Trainers often provide opportunities for personal development in group settings through focused instruction. Professional Educators are usually recognized experts in a specialized discipline and usually have degrees and/or training certifications. Educators may also confer degrees or certification of others.  
Practitioners may have years of working within a field, tradition, methodology, or art form. Some offer connections with long cherished traditions and some are leading edge explorers, creating and discerning new paths or technologies. Professional Practitioners are usually school certified, board certified or experienced layman.
Other Professionals
Individuals who work in a field related to human development, social fulfillment or spiritual actualization and have a professional certification or degree will qualify as a Sage at SoulFriends.
Intuitives-for-Hire:(Psychics and Healers)
After careful consideration, we have adopted a policy of not promoting or advertising intuitive-for-hire services on our website, unless accompanied with one of the qualifications above. By this we do not mean to negate or diminish anyone's authentic expression of these gifts in the service of others. Unfortunately, we have encounter situations in which intuitive readings have been used to deceive. We recommend that intuitives, not meeting criteria in the above categories, use other platforms to market their services.

Informing this decision is SoulFriends' underlying desire to help unlock or facilitate the growth and actualization of everyone's gifts and talents. We do not hold that only some of us are special and gifted. We believe that we are all special, we all have intuitive abilities, and that some of us just know how to use them better than others. To borrow a metaphor, it is better to teach someone how to fish, than to simply give them a fish. Namaste.


We have endeavored to create a distinction in service categories, so that a purchaser of services can better find what they seek. It does not imply licensing of a particular nature, which varies from state to state and country to country. Please confirm with the Sage regarding their exact credentials.

Journal of Gender, Nature and Transformation
Love Of Life
BullBuster - Heather Markel
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Journal of Gender, Nature and Transformation
Love Of Life
BullBuster - Heather Markel
District Distressed Military Hat
Samburu Project