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The Ultimate Immune System
Magdalen Bowyer

Our inner life is intimately connected to our health. And it is up to each one of us to learn to manage our inner life.

It requires self-examination.

The willingness to reflect in on oneself while asking questions that matter can be embraced as a devotional practice. Because our entire stance in life depends on self-knowledge.

Are you empowered? Where do you lose power? When do you feel most like yourself? Do you know how your mental habits override your soul’s voice? Do you dwell in your own truth? Do you even know what is true for you? Do you know how to change the way you are thinking so that you might change your life experience? How do you hear yourself? When you are making a decision, where are you coming from?

The questions are endless! And infinitely revealing. But too many of us resist looking inward for the things that ail us. Because we fear what we might find and what it will demand of us … until we don’t. Then by some ordinary grace of life, we are awakened to our own soul’s presence and the gift of its perception.

The ordinary grace of life might be a job that is no longer fulfilling, a marriage that is painful, a situation that is tense, a burning desire to make change, a death, a birth, an illness. Something that grabs our attention and forces us to look within.

Doubt isn’t what keeps us from acting on what we know we should do. Doubt is actually proof that we’ve been guided towards something but we are failing to listen to our own guidance.

We are never helpless. And some part of us knows this to be true.

To know you can trust your inner world and all the signals it gives you in every moment of every day is the ultimate immune system.

Trust you.

It’s the best you can do!


Copyright 2014.  Magdalen Bowyer.  All rights reserved.

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