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"No one who is in a state of fear or sorrow or perturbation is free; but whoever is delivered from sorrows and fears and perturbations, he is at the same time also delivered from servitude."
( Epictetus )

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The richness of our community includes philosophers, educators and practitioners, in the fields of health, wellness, spirituality, religion, consciousness, psychology, sociology, and human development. It includes those who help bring our awareness into greater alignment with our essential nature, encompassing the transcendent and imminent aspects of our beingness. It includes change agents, transformational catalysts and intentional communities that guide us on our path toward wholeness.



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Featured Article
The Soul; Transcendental Self, Death, Culture, and the Multiplicity of Self Object
Sean Hinton PhD, MACP, MBA
Death and how it affects the self.
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Featured Book

Deep Coaching
Roxanne Howe-Murphy

The book covers the nine Enneagram types, their focus, core beliefs, gifts, coping strategies, where they miss the mark and opportunities for growth. A must have for any serious coach.

Using the enneagram as a catalyst for profound change

Therapy Is A Lot Like Yoga

Faith Freed, MACP
If you want to feel balanced, centered, cleansed and alive, yoga and psychotherapy are great avenues that have more in common than you might think. Heres how therapy compares to the popular body/mind
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Anam Cara
by John O Donohue
According to Celtic spiritual tradition, the Soul shines all around the body like a luminous cloud. When you are very open, appreciative and trusting with another person, your two souls flow together. This deeply felt bond with another means you have an anam cara, or 'soul friend'. Your anam cara always beholds your light and beauty, and accepts you for who you truly are. The anam cara awakens the fullness and mystery of your life.
Featured Card SoulCards

SoulCards insist that we listen to ourselves. An insightful, guided journey using images.
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